Teach Cashiers Simple Math Skills

Today I went thru the McDonald’s drive thru for a meal. The total came to $5.88. While waiting in line I should have contemplated why 2 cheese burgers, fries, and a diet coke cost so much or even why am I eating this. Instead, I scrounged around for 38 cents of loose change.  I figure if I can exchange 3 dimes, a nickel, and 3 pennies for 2 quarters I’ve simplified my life in some way; at the very least I’ve removed some clutter and useless changed from the car. When I pulled up to the window and handed the middle aged lady my twenty and change things went south.

Once I handed the cashier my $20.38 she immediately thrust it back into my hands and said, “it’s five eighty eight NOT thirty eight.”  I was kind of in shock for a moment and just took my change back and then the extra change from my twenty. No lovely quarters.

So I was left eating bad food wondering if people have a clue how to do simple math anymore. Doesn’t the cash register do all the work for you? I want my 2 quarters!

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