Don’t Procrastinate


Last night I got home from work, looked at the front lawn and thought this has to be mowed. I was tired and rarely do I feel like mowing the lawn. It was a beautiful, not too hot, day in the South. So it was a rare, perfect weather day for lawn mowing. I needed to grill for dinner so I figured I’ll mow afterwards.

I got done with dinner and was content with a full stomach. The lawn mowing can wait a day, can’t it? Knowing rain was in the forecast I checked the weather to see when it was to arrive. No rain until latter tomorrow night, great. The mowing can wait until tomorrow for sure.

I woke up this morning to rain. Argg. I should have mowed right away and had it behind me. I know better.

Most of the time when there is a job to get done, now is the best time. In school I used to put of projects until the last minute. I did get to mess around but in the end I paid the price with worry, stress, and many times inferior product. When I went in to the workforce I changed my ways for the better.

In my work years I’ve been a get-it-done now kind of guy. My wife is even careful when she asks me to do something while I’m relaxing for fear I’ll jump up right then and do it. She says to me, I didn’t mean right now, it can wait. My response, there is no time like the present. The reality is that I’ll just forget if I don’t do it right away. But, it gets done, and leaves me time for problems.

Don’t procrastinate. It’s not worth it. You get the job done, feel good about it, and have time to make adjustments or edits. Best of all, you’ll head off anyone or anything raining on your parade, or lawn.

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