Facebook Goes Beyond the Like

Facebook EmojiThe next time you login to Facebook, you’ll notice there are more “like” options than just a simple thumbs-up ‘Like’ button. The social media juggernaut is rolling out new ways for you to react to posts.

While none of these new status items reflects the ‘Dislike’ button that people have been asking for, the new reactions allow people to more appropriately respond. In addition to the infamous like option, there are five new buttons for you to consider using.

The love emotion

This allows you to show that a post is worthy of more than a simple like. It might be a picture of your spouse, an update about something cute your grandchildren did, or even the announcement that your favorite band is releasing a new album.

The “haha’

For the posts that make you laugh. It can be anything from cute cats dancing to a belly chuckle that your best friend shares. This saves you the time of having to like and commenting with a lol, as it combines the best of both in a single selection.

The ‘wow’ emotion

This is when something is surprising. It can be a good surprise or a bad surprise, but it is something that you truly find shocking. You can use this when someone unexpectedly gets married, announces they bought a brand new car, or even when they post that they were ranked #1 in customer service.

The ‘sad’ emotion

Some posts are just plain sad and make you want to cry. When you learn a person has died, is under the weather, or in a case where someone is blue, you can show your support for them in an appropriate fashion. I was always uncomfortable clicking like on a sad post to show support. I didn’t really like what was being discussed so this emoji is pretty useful.

The “angry emotion

Finally, when your “friend” that you have never met in person, decides to go off the wall with his random political rants that you’ve heard for the 10th time, you can now click the ‘angry’ option. This lets the individual know you don’t agree with what they have to say. This also works for offensive posts that make you raise an eyebrow. I’d say it’s also useful for those posts where your friend says they or a family member has cancer. Cancer makes me sad and angry so I’d have to choose between the two or make separate “likes.”

I like Facebook because they only had the like; it kept things simple and somewhat “nice.” This give people more options but I’m afraid that many of these emojis will be used in a negative way.

Love them or hate them, these new emotions are here. It’s a good idea to learn how to use them and start to work them into your Facebook responses so that people know how you feel about their posts.

Google – White House – Hmmmm


Google executives, including co-founder Larry Page and CEO Eric Schmidt, have visited the White House around 230 times since President Obama took office.




Social Media Addendum” – Threatened a Fine of $10,000

This is NOT a good way to manage your online reputation.

They might be the landlords from hell, but you’re not allowed to complain about them.

A Florida apartment complex is under fire after management forced new tenants to sign a “social media addendum” that threatened a fine of $10,000 if they gave the place a bad review online, Ars Technica reports. The addendum, which went viral Tuesday after the Windermere Cay complex in Winter Garden started handing it out, also forces tenants to sign away their rights to any photos, reviews or other material about the complex posted online:

See the rest here: http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/realestate/apartment-complex-threatens-tenants-with-dollar10k-fine-for-bad-reviews/ar-AA9CJcL


Armorsuit Screen Protector

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield logo

I don’t do a lot of endorsements, in fact I just don’t seem to blog much at all, but that’s another story.

Today I received a Armorsuit screen protector from Amazon. I will simply say it’s the easiest and best screen protector I’ve ever used. There isn’t a bubble to be seen. My screen doesn’t even look like it has a screen protector. I’ve put on a lot of screen protectors and this one is simply the best.

Watch the install video and use plenty of the spray!

SEO Telmarketers Drive me Crazy

Just got off the phone with a SEO telemarketer. She was calling about them doing SEO work for my E-commerce company. I normally just say no thanks and move on. Today, I let her talk. I didn’t tell her I’m a partner in a internet marketing company (MOTW) that knows a “tiny bit” about SEO and PPC management. I couldn’t believe when she came out of the gate with the following question, “how much do you spend per month on Google Adwords.” My answer was I’m not going to tell you. I just sat there with my jaw on the desk contemplating the gall.

I don’t have a problem with people making a living selling over the phone. I did it for years. But, be very careful what you say and ask. You never know who you are talking too and you certainly don’t want to make them mad.

Income Inequality Stories are Generally Stupid and Devisive

Income inequality widens in all 50 states
A new report finds that lopsided income growth is happening across the nation, but the gap between the top earners and everyone else is substantially wider in several states. http://money.msn.com/saving-money-tips/post–income-inequality-widens-in-all-50-states

These stories are stupid and divisive. Anybody with some statistics and math skills would know this is not the way to look at these numbers. The top 1% is a statistical outlier; basically Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and the other 400 richest peoples income means nothing to the rest of us; they make a ton of money off of stock, interest, and other rich people income.

I think the biggest issue left out of these “stir the pot” articles is that there isn’t a fixed amount of money in the system. The rich can make all they want and the rest of us still have plenty of opportunity to make money. It’s not like they take a bunch and leave nothing for the rest.

Income distribution is a much more complicated issue than this article, or I, address. You can study this yourself and see that aside from stock option windfalls during the late-1990s, there is little evidence of a significant or sustained increase in the inequality of U.S. incomes, wages, consumption, or wealth over the past 20 years.

This article does a better job talking about it:


Baby It’s Cold Outside

Five degrees in Alabama and my office heat is out.  Brrr. It’s 50 degrees in here. Headed home to get a space heater.

5 sketchy links you should never click

AS they say in this article, “You’re innocently surfing the Web, maybe on an unfamiliar site, not paying close attention. Suddenly your computer screen fills wit…” ummm bad stuff.




5 Reasons You’ll Need to Increase Your SEO Budget in 2014

With the recent turmoil with search engines and rankings, many are wondering about how much they should ask for their SEO budget in the coming year.
Read more at http://www.searchenginejournal.com/5-reasons-youll-need-increase-seo-budget-2014/70681/#ReCFK5ifHel24Gdw.99

Honest Salesperson = Oxymoron

Is honest salesperson and oxymoron?

I hope not as we all spend some time selling. Some of us more than others.

I used to tell my sales force if can’t sell the customer honestly, something is wrong with the product, the company, or you. We need to figure it out, fix it, and then sell honestly. Modern sales is about building relationships and few, if any, good relationships are build on lies.

The big secret to credibility – Don’t Ever Lie…Ever


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